Day 5: Akhaltsikhe-Vardzia-Tbilisi

Our morning starts with adventurous visit to the largest man made cave-city in Europe-Vardzia, fully cut into a towering cliff face. Founded by King George III in the 12th century as a support point for Georgian army against different enemies , Vardzia  as a monastic complex  mainly  developed by his daughter and successor Tamar. Damaged after a devastating earthquake in the 15th century, complex features over 600 caves -refectories ,churches and halls.

Afterwards, we continue to drive to  Javakheti region famous for its alpine meadows and volcanic lakes.

As well as places for  prayer and ascetic inspiration, monasteries have historically been associated with  crafts, scientific research, farming and winemaking. On our way to Tbilisi we will drop in a Poka Nunnery where local nuns make different type of cheese, jams, soaps, traditional candies as well as paint on porcelain.

We arrive in Tbilisi and check in a hotel


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