Day 4: Sheki Sightseeing-Gremi Complex-Kvareli

This morning we visit authentic open-air markets of Sheki and beautifully painted Khan’s palace situated on the top on the mountain .Afterwards, we  start to drive to Georgian-Azerbaijan border and after some border formalities continue out trip to Georgia.

Our alfresco lunch will be held by a local family in their house where we will have the unique chance to taste delicious Georgian home-made dishes and drinks.

Later, we continue to drive through different villages and beautiful countryside to Gremi Complex – once a symbol of the thriving cultural and political life of Kakheti Region and the capital of the area before Persian Shah Abas razed it down to the ground. Giving an impression of floating in the air over the river, the Gremi Complex includes the church of Archangels with its beautiful frescos and adjacent royal tower as well as the ruins of different old bath-houses and watchtowers.

We overnight in a hotel in Kvareli.

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