Day 4 : Kvareli- Alaverdi Cathedral- Ikalto Qvevri Academy-Tbilisi

In the morning we will leave the town of Kvareli and continue our trip to  Alaverdi Cathedral (11th century). This monumental, solemn-looking edifice dominates the surrounding landscape in the fertile  river valley against the backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains. Famous for its façades with monumental blind arcades and opulent decorations , Alaverdi Cathedral  has many times  been plundered during its history.

Later, we continue to the village of Ikalto to visit a local Qvevri (clay jar) Academy and learn more about Georgia’s traditional Qvevri  wine-making tradition (UNESCO Workd Heritage Intangible Site since 2013 ) which is a key element of national and cultural identity of Georgia.

After all, we drive back to Tbilisi and check -in to our hotel.

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