During our 3 hrs walking tour we explore the tremendous heritage of Georgia’s capital city as we walk through its narrow, cobbled streets, ancient twisted pathways and boulevards, marvelling at the 1500 year history of this great city.

Throughout its history, Tbilisi has been a crucial location for many different trade routes and has been famous for its multi religious and multicultural character. Its diversity and cultural richness can be seen in the magnificence of Tbilisi’s architecture which been influenced by Byzantine, European and Oriental art. In the heart of the old town we will find churches, synagogues, mosques, Caravanserai, and even a Zoroastrian temple as well as the famous Sulphur Baths and glorious ruins of Narikala castle – which was the main fortification of Tbilisi.

Places to Visit:

Metechi church (13th c.), Narikala Castle(4th -16th cc.) and Sulphur Baths, Old Silk Road district Zion Cathedral(6th c) and Anchiskhati churh(6th c). Rustaveli avenue and King David district.

Dates: Whole year