This festive day trip gives you the best opportunity to pay tribute to the ancient traditions of one of the world’s first wine-makers as we visit East Georgia’s Kakheti region famous for its fertile valleys, endless lines of vineyards, ancient monasteries, castles and delicious cuisine.

In the morning we drive through different villages and beautiful countryside to Gremi Complex(16th c.) . Giving an impression of floating in the air over the river, the complex includes the church of Archangels with its beautiful frescos and adjacent royal tower as well as the ruins of different old bath-houses and watchtowers.

Later, we are welcomed to a local peasant’s wine-cellar and taste different home-made wines from Qvevri (clay jar). Qvevri wines are unique for their rich chemical composition, very distinctive bouquet and for their nutritional and curative qualities. Our host will tell us the way his ancestors have preserved the Kakhetian method of wine-making (UNESO World Heritage Intangible Site since 2016 ) from generation to generation and will propose different traditional toasts.

Our alfresco lunch will be held by a local family in their house where we will have the unique chance to taste delicious Georgian home-made dishes and drinks, as well as see and take part in traditional bread-baking process.

After all, we visit the town of Signaghi – a place of romance and love as it has been called in recent years. Perched on the mountain cliff with its 4,5 km. long defensive wall of the 18th century Sighnaghi still retains its original scent and style with its narrow, cobbled streets full of one or two storey houses with bright red tiled roofs and beautifully carved balconies. The city has wonderful views over the Alazani Valley to the snow capped Caucasus mountains beyond.

We arrive back in Tbilisi in the evening

Duration: 9 hrs
Date: Whole Year