We all have a particular hobby or leisure activity which we enjoy at home or outside with our friends. Travelling with a group of like-minded people, finding out how that particular hobby is practiced in a completely different country can be an unforgettable experience.
 Such a tour gives you an opportunity to share enthusiasm and experiences and tailor visits that fits your special interests. We do our best to make right contacts and arrange appropriate visits to make your holiday the most memorable, to show your interesting field from a different, Georgian point of view.



Here are some examples of activities on which we have based tours:

-Horse Riding tours in the Great Caucasus Mountains

-Pilgrimage and Churches/frescoes Tours

-Cultural Expeditions  in different remote regions of Georgia

-Archaeological discoveries and ancient burials (kurgans) visits

-Biking tours in different regions of Georgia

-Skiing holidays in different Ski resorts of Georgia

-Bird-watching (Ornithological ) tours in Georgian swamplands and alpine meadows

-Botanical trips in search of rare endemic plants