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Flag of Georgia

Country Area-69,700

Population-4  million

Capital -Tbilisi (since the 5th century AD)-1.2 million

Language-Georgian (the official language).Most people speak English and Russian.

Religion- Georgian Orthodox Christianity (the state religion).  There are some Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and Armenian Orthodox.

National Currency-Lari

Time Zone- +4hrs  GMT

Climate-Subtropical on the coast, continental in-land.

Main Lakes-Paravani (38sqkm, altitude-2,073metres).  Tabatskuri(14 sqkm, altitude 2,000 metres)


High Peaks-Shkhara(5,068m),Janga(5,059m),Kazbeg(5047m)

Main Rivers-Mtkvari-1,515km(351km in Georgia),Alazani-407km(390 km in Georgia),Rioni-333km.

Main Towns-Batumi(154,000),Kutaisi(149,000),Rustavi(125,000)

Electricity-229 V,50 Hz

Banks-opening hours 10:00-17:30(10:00-14:00 on Saturdays

ATM: Available in towns.

Museums and galleries-opening hours 10:00-17:00(closed on Mondays)