You can get to Georgia


There are three International Airports in Georgia: Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport (25Km to Tbilisi centre),Batumi International Airport (20 Km to Batumi) and David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport(25 Km from Kutaisi centre). Each Airport provides flights from different cities of the World.

Direct flights are operated from the following cities: London, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris,Telaviv,Athens,Dubai,Larnaca,Istanbul,Moscow,Donetsk,Kiev,Baku,Astana,Yerevan,Tashkent,Riga,Odessa,Simferopol,Minsk,Warsaw.

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You can arrive in Georgia by road from the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia , Turkey and Russia via following state border crossing check-points



SADAKHLO/BAGRATASHEN (South-East Georgia) distance to Tbilisi-85 Km (1,5 hrs)

BAVRA ( South Georgia) -Distance to Tbilisi 335 Km (5 hrs)



LAGODEKHI/MATSIMI (East Georgia)–distance to Tbilisi 170 Km (3 hrs)

RED BRIDGE (South-East Georgia)-distance to Tbilisi 70 Km (1,5 hrs)



SARPI(South West Georgia/Black Sea coast)-distance to Tbilisi 400 km ,to Batumi-15 Km.

VALE(South Georgia)-distance to Tbilisi 300 Km.



UPPER LARSI  (North-East Georgia)-distance to Tbilisi 170 km



From Baku(Azerbaijan) . Departures from Baku and Tbilisi

From Yerevan( Armenia) .Departures from Yerevan and Tbilisi

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The main maritime ports of Georgia in Batumi and Poti provide International connections with the other Black Sea ports.