Traditional Georgian dishes

Food and wine take a special place in Georgian cultural and national identity. Georgian cuisine itself is something of an art-old traditional recipes granted from generation to generation throughout centuries, its harmonious combination of various freshly-made vegetable salads with dozens of different herbs and spices and all -sorted barbecues grilled over a grapevine wood fire as well as aromatic water-melon marmalades and all sorts of confection made of caramelized walnuts fried in honey make Georgia a paradise for food lovers.

The Hirshon Georgian Grape Pudding - ფელამუში - ✮ The Food Dictator ✮


If you visit Georgia for a short period or you are on a busy business trip with just one free day and you would like to see, learn and taste traditional Georgian delicacies, make different gastronomic discoveries, get familiar with dozens of Georgian species, herbs and recipes then you will love our Tbilisi Culinary Tour arranged by local culinary master who will host you on her traditionally decorated house and garden placed in peaceful and idyllic surroundings. Under her guidance you will prepare and taste different dishes with only organically-grown ingredients as well as bio wines from local boutique wineries.


Upon your request we can organize Countryside Culinary Tour in East Georgian region of Kakheti  and take part in Georgian’s one of the most favourite culinary rituals-Churchkhela-making (Churchkhela is a traditional candle-shaped candy made from grape must, walnuts and flour) and bread-baking in a deep, circular clay oven, enjoy cooking master-classes on a local farm where  will have the unique chance to taste delicious Georgian home-made dishes and drinks: including Mtsvadi- Pork barbeque marinated in pomegranate sauce and roasted over a grapevine wood fire, Chakapuli (veil stewed with white wine, green plums and tarragon leaves) as well as and taste traditional home-made wines straight from the clay jars,home-made brandy and chacha(vine spirit).This trip gives you the opportunity to learn, participate and taste Georgian delicacies as well as visit fabulous East Georgian countryside, snow-capped Caucasus Mountains and historic sites.

Georgian vegan appetizer-aubergine with walnut filling
Georgian cheese from Zemo Alvani area